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Jonathon Lee

Jonathon Lee is a composer, pianist and recording artist whose music is a fresh blend of original compositions, contemporary, classical, popular, and is universal in its appeal. He operates his own recording company out of Monterey, CA, and currently has ten CDs that he distributes worldwide.

A diabetic for over 40 years, Jonathon has had both legs amputated below the knee and is legally blind. He gets around quite well on his prosthetics and sees with an open heart.

In 1984, he suggested that it would be inspiring to play music for the runners in the Big Sur International Marathon. Each year, Yamaha places a concert grand piano next to the Bixby Bridge on Highway 1, and with the strategic placement of speakers, Jonathon's piano can be heard echoing throughout the canyons.

This event has been covered by CNN, and in its 15th year is now referred to as the "Musical Marathon."

Since his first release in 1982, Jonathon has single-handedly promoted his peaceful and romantic music, building a mailing list of thousands and is supplying fine specialty stores and art galleries around the world with his music. With a truly eclectic and diversified audience spanning the globe, Jonathon enjoys sharing his music with an ever-expanding audience. He oftentimes reflects that at any given time of day, someone somewhere is listening to his recordings.

Download some of Jonathon Lee's MP3s:
Child Of Glass(3.62MB)
That Song(4.66MB)
Three a.m.(4.44MB)

For more information or to buy one of his many CDs, check out
the Jonathon Lee website.

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All rights reserved

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